Wellsite Quality Control of
​Logging Operations

Data Acquisition Quality Control

  • Inspect tool calibration procedures

  • Compare logs to offset wells and previous runs

  • Monitor depth control procedures and verify tieback to previous run

  • Monitor logging contractor operating and recording procedures  (logging speed, tool settings, etc.)

  • Document operations and record an event log

  • Monitor contractor safety procedures

  • Monitor depth control during FT and core operations.

  • Monitor Pressure and fluid testing to insure repeatability and quality fluid samples

  • Monitor MWD, LWD data for quality control

  • Monitor pressures on drill pipe and assist in the picking of points and interpretationMonitor cuttings for indications of changes in hole conditions and pore pressure

Communications and Data Transfer

  • Pre-job meeting with client

  • Pre-job briefing of the logging contractor manager and field personnel

  • Wellsite coordination of  wireline operations with  the Management, Company Man, and Wireline Engineer

  • Immediately communicate tool/equipment and or hole problems to Management and Company  Man

  • Transmit digital logging data to client destinations

  • Deliver a final report and event log to management at post job meeting

  • Deliver field prints, cores, FT samples and digital data to clientDeliver daily reports including all physical measurements and drilling parameters with correlations

Wellsite log interpretation

  • Generate a computed interpretation of logs over the zones of interest

  • Recommend changes and or additions to the logging program

  • Recommend core and FT points if neededMonitor and evaluate Pressure test and Samples as acquired