Operations While Drilling

  • Keep Drilling up to date on Geology Status

  • Participate in Daily Drilling Meetings

  • Produce Daily Operations Wellsite Geo Reports <6 am

  • Work With Operations Geologist on daily basis:

    • Drilling personnel are continually informed of G&G related personnel and equipment needs

    • All G&G Data flows in a seamless manner for rig, office, and partners

    • OK G&G 3rd Party Contractor Timesheets

  • Assist Rig Drillers during G&G Personnel and Equipment Callouts

  • Participate in Section-WOPs for MWD/LWD and Mudlogging requirements for each hole section

  • Participate in Core-WOP

  • Participate in Wireline-WOP

  • Participate in additional G&G and Drilling meetings

  • Monitor Static and Realtime data providers from Rig

  • Oversee all Mudlog reports to make certain cutting descriptions are complete, accurate and consistent

  • Oversee all MWD/LWD operations with DrillingAssist Wireline Witness during Wireline Operations 

Wellsite Geologist​


  • Receive, Read and Understand:

    • Geological Well Plan

    • Drilling Plan

    • Geo Hazards Report

  • One on one meetings with:

    • Operations Geologist → Wellsite G&G Ops

    • Project Geologist → Q&A on Well Geology

    • Drilling Engineer → Notable Drill Conditions

  • Attend DWOP

Post Drilling Operations

  • Assist Operations Geologist and Project Geologist in creation of Final G&G Composite Log and Digits

  • Write Final Wellsite Geological Report