Scope of Work

Work with G&G and drilling teams to agree upon:

  • The desired Scope of Work for each well
  • Geophysical data & sampling requirements
  • Tooling selection
  • Quality requirements
  • Drilling Limitations
  • Formation Limitations
  • Well trajectory for each well
  • GeoHazards for well & relief wells
  • Redundancy plans
  • Time vs. Cost analysis for critical path services
  • Value of Data vs. Budget analysis
  • Logistics considerations for location
  • Pre-Drill data requirements with associated lead times
  • Detailed project schedule

Well Services Design and Tendering​

Tender Document

  • Create an operational scope of work for each service
  • Review integration of services to remove overlap or inefficiencies
  • Design bundled services options for cost savings
  • Consider performance orientated compensation structures
  • Design compensation structure for ease of evaluation and use in operations
  • Review tender list to ensure candidates capabilities
  • Review geopolitical considerations of the operating location


  • Develop evaluation model for cost, performance and safety standards for each of the services
  • Review equipment, product and personnel to ensure all meet the requirements of the scope of work
  • Review all clarifications and exceptions for cost & scope implications
  • Develop presentation to demonstrate a comparison in cost, technology, performance and safety between bidders
  • Make recommendations for award of services and proposed bundling