Data edit and depth matching

  • Depth matching of curves to primary log

  • SP baseline correction

  • Merging/Splicing

  • Filter or smooth log curvesConstruction of Temp. curve and differential caliper

Environmental corrections for standard log curves

  • GR, NPHI, RHOB environmental correction

  • "Tornado chart" resistivity correction

Log normalization

  • Well/Field histograms for GR, RHOB, NPHI, DT, and Resistivity

  • Well/Field cross-plots for available porosity and resistivity dataCross-plot and curve fit for core "P&P" and core/log Phi data

Derivation of petrophysical parameters and "Rw"

  • Pickett plots for each zone to determine a, m, n, and Rw

  • Compute "Rwa" and Rw from the SP to verify Pickett plots​

Calculation of porosity and clay volume

  • Calculate clay volume using appropriate model for each zone

  • Calculate lithology corrected porosity curves

  • Calculate cross-plot porosity and "PHIE"

Sw and other volumetric calculation

  • Select appropriate Sw model

  • Calculate gross, net, pay, N/G ratio, PHIE, average   PHIE, Sw, average

  • Sw, Phi-h, BVW, and HPV

Summation reports

  • Input client defined formation tops and bottoms

  • Sensitivity analysis, select "cutoffs" for Vshale, PHIE,  and Sw

  • Spreadsheet summarize results by well and formation


  • Color hard copy logs/pertinent cross-plots

  • Hard copy and digital summation spreadsheets

  • Original input and computed data on client specified media and format

  • Color hard copy or pertinent cross-plots and graphs

  • A written report summarizing methods, assumptions, parameters, and results

  • Summation spread sheets by well and formation

Petrophysical Interpretation

Single Well Or Field Studies