Log Data Editing And Correction

Single Well Or Field Studies

Multi-run log composites

  • SP baseline correction

  • Depth matching of curves to the primary log

  • Merging of different files

  • Splicing of different files or curves

  • Filter or smooth log curves

Environmental corrections for standard log curves

  • Correct GR, NPHI, RHOB using standard wireline company algorithms

  • Correct resistivity for invasion

  • Build temperature curves

Core and production data input

  • Add conventional and or side wall core K and PHI to logs

  • Annotate logs with perforations, production data, test data and FT data

  • Annotate logs with formation tops

Reconstruct sonic and density logs for input into synthetic  seismic programs

Geological And Data Base Building

Single Well Or Field Studies


  • True Vertical depth (TVD) computation

  • True Vertical Thickness (TVT) computation

  • True Stratigraphic Thickness (TST) computation

  • Wellbore directional computation and plots

  • Dipmeter Interpretation

GeoGraphix "GES*" and "DSS32*" data base construction

  • Well Loading and data construction

  • Mapping of Petrophysical Parameters

  • Cross Sections

  • 3-D plots

  • Bubble Maps