Contact Information

Corporate Headquarters
6300  West Loop South, Suite 400
Bellaire, TX  77401

Office: (713) 662-0881

Geographical Experience and Partial Client List

Brian Davis
713-444-2980 Mobile

Charlie Winston

713-906-6333 Mobile

Bill Seckar

713-302-3164 Mobile

Dan Mathis

713-851-1649 Mobile

Ronnie Bothner

337-519-6775 Mobile

Drew Hall

903-216-8058 Mobile

Ed Ferguson

832-540-1148 Mobile

Rick Gade

281-787-5023 Mobile

Meisong Yan

281-691-4897 Mobile

Dick Willingham
Herman Vacca
713-529-9134 713-248-6389
Ron Smith

Our Purpose

To provide the customer a resource of professional expertise in wireline operations, formation evaluation and data handling, performing all services in a confidential, timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner

Company Objectives

Prepare and edit the raw information and data bases which are crucial to Petrophysicists, Geologists, and Engineers

Improve communications and Enhance efficiency of the clients wireline or other operations to acquire logs, cores samples or tests

Generate high quality, accurate and timely petrophysical interpretations  that describe the reservoir, improve production, economize completions, and allow for correct set pipe decisions

Assist our clients in making the most use of their wireline data in a  timely fashion and reasonable cost