Data Folders

  • Wireline Open Hole Logs

  • LWD Data

  • Mud Log Data

  • Daily Report - Drilling

  • Deviation Survey

  • Drilling Fluid Report

  • Road Directions

  • Coring Information

  • Vendor Instructions

  • Bit Information

  • Bottom Hole Assembly

  • Cased Hole Logs

  • Cement Report

  • Completion Program

  • Daily Report - Completion

  • Daily Report - Cost

  • Daily Report - Partner

  • Deviation Survey Final Comp

  • Drilling Program

  • Flow Back Report

  • Frac Report

  • Geo Prog

  • Geology

  • Geosteering Report

  • Land Survey Plat

  • LWD Final Composite

  • Mud Log Final Composite

  • Regulatory Information

  • Safety

  • Directions

  • Well Schematic

Data Collection at the Wellsite​

Wireline Witness Data Collection at the Wellsite

  • Work through WellDrive, LLC to set up well and create Data Folders

  • Set up data access for all authorized personnel to receive data including automatic email data, email alerts and text alerts (OK’d by Ops Geo)

  • Collect all available data at wellsite and post data to the appropriate folder on WellDrive’s Secure Web Data Site

  • Collect and post wireline logs and digits as the data becomes available Note: Petrophysical Calculations will be posted in Wireline Open Hole Logs folder or can be put a separate Petrophysical Calculations folder

Data Collection Post Wireline Operations

  • System established and left in place allowing additional data posting by 3rd party contractors as data becomes available. Note: WellDrive works directly with 3rd party contractors to expedite data posting

  • This data accessible 24/7 (forever) at no additional costs

Data Access

  • Operator will retain administrative control over who can access data folders

  • Data will remain accessible by Operator and Partners indefinitely

  • Electronic Data Tracking (permanent record) of all posted data is saved and accessible by operator showing:

    • When data was posted to the website

    • When data was accessed and or downloaded from the website

    • Which data has been accessed on the website

    • Who accessed this data on the website

    • Which data was automatically delivered by emailed

    • When this data was automatically delivered by email

Data Collection Costs

  • $100/day while data is being posted​